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He made his first studio recording in Poznan, Poland, where he collaborated with Polish and foreign artists. Currently, he lives and works in Berlin, where his musical repertoire covers a broad spectrum: from rap to electronic music. Firetone has no plans to stop creating fresh and original music any time soon….


Music Producer

Sebastian Pilas, known professionally as Firetone, was born in 1986 in Kalisz, Poland. From an early age, he was interested in music, beginning way back in kindergarten. Such was his fascination with music that he decided to attend music school, eventually attaining a top grade in the saxophone. However, it was rap music that captured his heart, and taking inspiration from French and American rap of the 90s, began to experiment with his own. With time, the shelves began to sag with the weight of his record collection, and music production turned from a hobby to a profession as Sebastian became Firetone. It was then that he began sampling and compositing his own sounds.

  • Manager
  • Music Producer